Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AGMaschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG


Machining centres that would have a clear conscience.

Fair treatment at all times, within the company and outside it! Hermle customers receive fast and competent assistance, employees receive appreciation, suppliers and service providers enjoy loyalty and confidence, the environment is treated with respect. This pays for itself – in positive figures. But especially in terms of sustainability. For healthy growth in the most beneficial way, with all those who take part working together.

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In addition to technical and economic aspects, a successful customer relationship has to do with confidence and empathy. We provide help fast and with no fuss wherever we can, we provide competent advice and always take the requirements and wishes of our customers seriously. We stay close to our customers and those who use our machining centres with the help of a large team of excellently trained sales staff.


Being fair to our employees means a lot more than paying fair wages. For instance, it includes acknowledgement and personal appreciation – as well as opportunities to learn more and get on. Many people who trained at Hermle are still with us, supporting the company in their roles as specialists and senior management staff. The good corporate atmosphere makes for high motivation and low fluctuation. And our customers profit from all these factors, too.


Judo wisdom

„If you fall six times, stand up seven times."

Preserving nature as our highest asset! Hermle machining centres are energy-efficient and spare resources, bringing together economics and ecology. Here is just one detail: For well over 20 years they have included energy recuperation systems that save enormous costs during operation. Not for nothing is Hermle a pioneer in the "Blue Competence" initiative set up by the VDW.


Thomas Mielke


"Reaching the goal together and in fairness – mutual fairness certainly makes daily life easier. At Hermle, we focus on being a fair partner for our customers. A partner to be relied on. Right from the start – that's a promise! I am looking forward to hearing from you."

Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG
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78559 Gosheim
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